Tom McCormack :: Artist, Designer, Film Maker

Tom McCormack

Tom has been involved in the creative arts for many years. From an early interest in photography and film making he progressed to a career in the advertising industry where he was a radio and television producer with a Dublin advertising agency. He is still involved in TV production, graphic design and web design and has his own company, Creative Television Pictures.

His interest in painting evolved after he attended watercolour workshops with the eminent Irish artist John Skelton. Over the years he has painted various subjects in various styles and has undertaken special commissions. Many of his paintings feature hot air balloons as ballooning has been a passion of his for many years. He currently flys a balloon for The Travel Department and is the holder of a commercial balloon pilots licence.

To make enquiries regarding any of the work displayed on this website, just send an e-mail and outline your query or requirements.